Light up your day with the new mangadex.

Mary Bean
2 min readAug 18, 2022

Let me start by explaining what mangadex is because often times people confuse it with anime or mangareader which is understandable as they are both very similar. Although this stands to be an online manga reader website which lets people of different language enjoy the manga work too without having the difficulty of translating each and every word so as to understand what’s written.

The creation of this site was done by the scanlators and for the scanlators so that they can stick to their tribe and possesses a type of active control as a group. Any and everyone can participate in this as long as they are willing to abide by the rules and the languages that are required.

What is the history of mangadex ?

mangadex used to have a parent site which does not exist anymore and mangadex has officially replaced it by gaining all the fame and publicity rightfully. Holo was the first and the main designer of this website who left his work in order to talk to people about the history of manga and how it came into existence. He started spreading the word around about the manga business and things related to that.

As mentioned above it says that the website was created by the scanlators and for the scanlators, so the first creation of the site had about 23,740 titles and about 5,808 scanlators. Scanlators which is also known as scanslators are those who are big manga fans who edit, translate, scan the original manga comics into other languages so that the readers of different parts of the world can also enjoy the manga art.

The process of getting mangadex to where it is today took a lot of hard work and a huge amount of time to carry out the proper coding that was required for its functioning. Although today, people have started preferring other groups such as the dev group which has taken this site quite low on the pedestal and has caused the owner to sit in his office and remember all the old memories and time spent in mangadex.

Some of the objectives of this site are such that it was created with the main aim of reaching and providing for the scanlators to which it attended to fully. The other objective was to take down it’s competition and show people a good time.

Want to know a good part of this site apart from the brilliant features that it already possesses. It is totally free of cost! If you are anything like me, I’m sure this gets you excited in all sorts of ways. All you have to do to get started is go on the webpage and start reading the reading material that has been displayed on the home page of the website. Actually you don’t specifically have to read only the displayed content, you can also choose any comic book or novel that you want to read.