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If you’re feeling down, having a bad day, not in the right headspace or just looking for something light and not too heavy on your soul to watch, a comedy film is the best option. Comedy movies form part of the genre of film which primarily focuses on humour and making the audience laugh.

Comedy as a genre of film

The film is designed to be able to make the viewer’s burst in giggles through amusing them and by frequently exaggerating certain characteristics for humorous effects. Most films made in this style are made to have happy endings. It constitutes one of the oldest genres when it comes to the film industry and dates back to being performed in theatre as well. It actually derives its origin from what was known as classical comedy in the theatre arena. Some of the very first silent movies were in fact comedy movies. They became predominantly popular and gained recognition around the 1920s, where comedy movies took another swing as laughter had the option of resulting from dialogue as well.

Genres within Comedy Films

There are several genres within comedy movies as well. Each one is slightly different yet the ultimate objective behind each film is to fill the movie theatre with an abundance of laughter. A few of them are:

  • Slapstick Comedy is a sub-genre where actors perform extremely exaggerated physical gags along with stunts. These films were popular especially when it comes to silent films.
  • Screwball Comedy is a type of comedy film gained popularity in the 1930s and 1940s and are romantic comedies.
  • Comedy films that mock another form of art in principally a positive manner are another sub-genre of these films.
  • Black Comedy/ Dark Comedy films are a sub-genre that focus mainly on darker, more taboo subjects of society and are situations that one would normally not find any humour in.
  • Alternative Comedy films consist of punchlines and consist of observations, satires as well as improvisation.
  • Anecdotal comedy is a sub-genre where the comic personalities in the movies share stories that may or may not be true or may be to an extent embellished.

One of the primary reasons why such films are enjoyed is because of the break they are able to give to viewers from their monotonous life. It brings about a spark of joy and makes them forget the worries for a bit. They play the role of an escape. For many people who may be suffering from major life changes, emotional drain, and mental health problems or is just someone whose mood needs to be lightened from time to time, comedy movies are the way to go.

The next time you’re looking for a change and want to do something that will bring happiness to your mind, soul and body; go online on 123movies watch a comedy movie. Have your own journey of chuckles and cackles whether it’s with your loved ones or a solo voyage you’re on.



Mary Bean is a writer and mothers of two son.

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